To the 4 MPs planning to donate their pay rises to cultural event welcoming Modi – don’t!



We urge the four Labour MPs – Keith Vaz(Leicester East),  Virendra Sharma (Ealing and Southall), Steve Pound (Ealing North) and Seema Malhotra (Feltham and Heston) to reconsider their decision to donate their pay rises for November to the cost of the ‘Olympics style’ cultural extravaganza in Wembley welcoming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Instead, they should donate the money to the families of the victims of the 2002 Gujarat genocide that occurred under Modi’s watch and in which 2,000 Muslims lost their lives and to the survivors of more recent attacks by members of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and allied organisations; alternatively, closer to home they could donate the money to food banks in the UK






Who Calls the Tune?

image(Cartoon Image from http://thewire.in)

Narendra Modi is a life-long cadre of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu supremacist paramilitary organisation modelled on the Nazi and Italian Fascist parties. Increasingly the organisation is determining the Prime Minister’s policies and pronouncements. Modi has chosen to ignore the rapes and murders committed by senior leaders belonging to Hindu supremacist organisations. But this has not been enough for his masters: ‘A bizarre political spectacle took place in Delhi this week that no amount of sophistry can square with the principles of a modern democratic republic.’

A ‘cultural’ organisation known as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh held a conclave for which it summoned top ministers of the Narendra Modi government to present themselves and provide an account of the official work they have been doing over the past 15 months. Among those who turned up were the Prime Minister himself, as well as the Defence Minister and the Home Minister.

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All-India Strike against Modi’s new anti-worker offensive #WorkersStandUp

imageIn a one-day strike on September 2, about 150 million workers across sectors have been protesting against Modi’s new labour policy – an unrestrained assault on workers’ rights —making this one of the biggest strikes in India’s history.
People’s movements against corporate land-grab, based on adivasi and poor-peasant resistance, have punctured Modi’s dream of handing large swathes of land to his corporate friends and he has had to withdraw the proposed corporate-friendly amendments to the Land Acquisition Ordinance, but other problems are brewing for him. Continue reading “All-India Strike against Modi’s new anti-worker offensive #WorkersStandUp”

Join the protests against Indian PM Narendra Modi’s UK visit!

   Never Forget the Gujarat Genocide!

Who is Narendra Modi?

  • Narendra Modi is a lifelong cadre of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu supremacist paramilitary organisation modeled on the Nazi and Italian Fascist parties. It was founded in the 1920s in opposition to Indian independence. Its revered leader M.S. Golwalkar notoriously viewed Hitler’s treatment of the Jews as a model of ‘race pride’ which India should copy in its treatment of minority groups. The RSS is the core of a family of organisations which includes the BJP, currently India’s ruling party.

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